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Questions to Ask when Choosing a Solar Company

Regenerate Electrical’s team of Solar Specialists are ready when you are to start your Solar journey.

There’s a lot of information out there and it’s important to know the type of questions to ask before signing on the dotted line!

1. Solar Question Checklist

· Is the company an appropriately accredited solar installer?

· How long has the company been installing solar photovoltaic systems?

· How do you calculate what solar system size will give me the best return?

· What is the total purchase price for a (XX) kW system?

· Is a deposit required?

· Does someone inspect the property first to check the site is appropriate and whether extra installation costs might apply?

· What is the total waiting period from sign-up to installation?

· What sort of after-sales service is available for trouble-shooting issues?

· What is the CEC accreditation number for solar installation?

· Is the solar installation work contracted out?

· Can you provide reviews / testimonials?

2. Solar System Details

· How many panels are required for a (XX) kW system and what size is each panel (in watts)?

· What is the brand and type of solar panels and where are they made?

· What is the average daily and yearly kWh production for this solar system?

· What brand is the inverter and what’s its rated capacity?

· Does the inverter have a smaller or larger capacity than the panels or are they size matched?

· What accessories, such as remote displays, are available for the solar system?

· Is there a monitoring service so I can check how my system is performing? Is there an extra cost for this?

· What is the warranty on solar panels, inverter, mounting frame and installation?

· What is the performance warranty on the system?

· How long is the warranty on the selected inverter?

· Are the solar panels and inverter made by the brand name company or are they made by a different manufacturer and relabelled? If so, who is the original manufacturer of the panels and inverter?

· Does the solar panel brand name company that honours the panels’ warranty have a base in Australia that I can contact if there are any issues with the panels?

· If the system is significantly cheaper or more expensive than average, why?

· What is the total cost of any insurance coverage before discounts and rebates?

· Do the panels have Clean Energy Council approval?

· Will the installer organise metering and switchboard modification, including the inspection and paperwork?

· Does the installer organise the application for the Federal Government STC subsidy? The homeowner will need to apply for the Victorian Government’s Solar Panel Rebate.

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